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Hello! Erin Morrissey here 🙂

I love what I do, so I’m usually having fun while I’m doing it.

I hope if we have the chance to work together you’ll find my excitement contagious and you will find yourself equally excited about whatever project we are working on together!




Whatever creative project you’re faced with, I can help!

I want to make your life easier! If you can think it – together, we can create it! I continue to expand my design services to exceed the needs of existing and potential clients and I work closely with clients from conception through completion. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you!

Prices vary greatly depending on the design requested and complexity of the project, therefore there is not a set price list. You will be provided with personalized quotes for your specific projects, campaigns or contracts.




E Morrissey Designs started somewhat by accident. Here’s how it all began . . .

Previously, I worked in an upper management position at a Fortune 500 Company in the design and print production industry, where I had built up a career over the better part of fourteen years. I’ve now been freelancing for clients since 2004; working 100% remotely since 2012. I am a true digital nomad traveling the country with my husband, Kyle, in our custom outfitted RV.

Learn more about our adventures over at 38×

Prior to venturing out on my own, I found that I was often being asked by friends or family to “help them” with an event or to put together a marketing piece when I “had some free time.” I always said, “YES!” (even though I really had no extra free time to speak of!) But still, I said, “YES!” So . . .  I worked on several events and projects outside of my work commitments – often in the middle of the night! I couldn’t believe people would actually pay me to do what I absolutely loved!

E Morrissey Designs was born out of the realization that people (turned clients!) were popping up via referrals in a variety of cities – most of whom I had never met in person. The many tools of technology have continued to improve and allow me to do what I love while providing personalized service regardless of where the client calls home.

Whatever creative project a you’re faced with, I can help! Be it a digital file, landing page or website,  or a printed product created & shipped – location is not an issue. I work remotely with you wherever you are and I promise to make you feel like I’m right there by your side as we work on your project together!

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

I’m in it for the long haul and it’s never been easier to keep in touch!












Let’s bring your ideas to life!