Launching a New Website? Here’s What You Should Do First.

Launching a new website, or rebranding a current one, is super exciting! But . . . it can be a daunting task to say the least!

Whether you’ve hired someone to create and launch your site for you, or you’re tackling the project on your own, you can save time in the long run by starting at the beginning. Even the most experienced website designers cannot read your mind, so whether you partner with someone or not, you’ve gotta be part of the process. And for starters, you should get some ideas down on paper.

Here are some things you should be thinking about:

CLARITY: It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start throwing too many ideas at your site. Sites that do not convey a clear message are lost on visitors. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Who are you and what do you offer?

What is your message?

What are you core offerings?

What solution do you have that people need?

What do you want people to do when they visit your site?

BRANDING: Your image is something you should be proud of. What will your site say about you and your business? The look and feel of your site should make your visitors feel welcome, and it should show them what they should expect from you. This is done through everything from your logo to all of your media and written content. Your site should be created in your unique voice – keeping in mind how you interact with people in person is how your site should introduce people to your business.

What is unique about you and your business?

What is your story, your personality and your niche?

What is your competition doing, and how can you do it better?

Who is your target audience?

What colors, fonts and design style will convey your brand’s message?

THE TECHIE STUFF: Whether you decide to hire a professional or build your site yourself, you’ll want to make sure that some key points of focus are addressed which will help to set you up for success.

> Sites should have branding in the domain name, and SEO strategies in place.

> Sites should be optimized for for optimal speed and marketing (SEO).

> Sites should be created with a responsive design to scale beautifully on all devices.

> Sites should have security and motioning systems in place.

Now you’ve got some direction, so it’s time to get your site going!

1. Decide whether you will hire a professional or build your site yourself.

2. Secure your domain. START YOUR DOMAIN SEARCH

3. Secure your host. HOW TO CHOOSE A WEB HOST

4. Determine the add-ons you will need from your host (email marketing, security software etc.).


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Marketing your brand can be a little overwhelming, but launching your new, or re-designed, website without a marketing plan in place would be a big mistake. You’ll want to also start thinking about your marketing budget and putting a WICKED GOOD SOCIAL MEDIA marketing (SMM) strategy in place that is in alignment with your business goals.

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