Create Content Your Audience Will LOVE

Do you ever sit down with good intentions to put together some great content to share on your channels but end up staring at a blank screen not knowing where to begin?

I see this happen a lot with my clients. And I find the biggest culprit is lack of planning. You have good intentions, but without planning there’s really no strategy behind the content you sit down to create.

So what can you do?

START AT THE BEGINNING: Laying a solid foundation can you save a lot of headaches in the long run. Putting a content calendar system in place and choosing a post scheduler that works for you are two pieces to this puzzle.

Having your business goals outlined and your ideal customer identified, so you’re able to tie those into your online marketing strategy must also come into play if you’re hoping to see a return on your investment with your social media marketing plans.

Give and you shall receive.

No one wants to be “sold to” and this is particularly true when people are scrolling through social media.

Your audience wants to be entertained, educated and listened to. They want to know they matter. When you share content that provides value and helps them to solve a problem you’ll earn their trust. And when you are responsive to their comments and questions, you will show them you care.

Focusing on what you can share that will take your audience along on the journey with you, will help you to start to build a real community around your brand.

The idea is for you to share your wealth of knowledge while you get to know your community through engagement. Think about WHY someone would care about the products or services you offer. What problem can you solve for them? How can their life be positively impacted by purchasing what you offer? Keep all that in mind when you create your content.

Your goal is not to sell anything.

Your goal is to position yourself as a trusted authority figure in your field – the person or business your audience will think of when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Do you sell health and wellness products? Try sharing healthy recipes, meal prep and planning tips, ways someone can safely curb their appetite. Get creative and share your expertise.

Do you sell carpet cleaning services? Try sharing tips that can help homeowners extend the life of their carpet, or how to get out the toughest stains before calling a professional. Get creative and share your expertise.

Are you a fitness coach? Try sharing some quick free workout videos, or exercises people can do at home. Get creative and share your expertise.

POLLS are also a great way to connect with your audience. ASK your audience what they’d like to see more of. Make them part of the process. Follow trends, pay attention to what your competition is doing and do better! And make sure you consistently show up.

Schedule a brainstorm session if you’re serious about wanting to level up your social media marketing and you’re ready to pack your calendar with fresh ideas specific to your business.

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“The future is built on new ideas.” –Paul Meyer